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Some favourite links:-

Hourly updated satellite TLE keplers
GPredict Satellite Tracking Software
The 70MHz Site 4 metres
Packet Drivers for BayCom etc G8ECJ
BayCom Packet Radio Software
History of NOS KA9Q
TheNode Software by G8BPQ
TNC2 Clone Design G0BSX
TVIPUG for G4XYW modem
The BIG Collection of Packet Radio Info TAPR
High Speed Packet Radio Ethernet on 10GHz
British Amateur Radio Teledata Group
SSTL Small Satellites
RAF Hack Green HF Web SDR
Qatar Oscar QO-100 Earth Station Web SDR
Emergency Services Support Network Raynet
Microwave topics G3PHO
DX Cluster login at GB7MBC
Windows Telnet client.
VHF/UHF/SHF online chatroom
Short Wave Listener's Software
QRP Designs GW4ALG
British QRP Club G-QRP
RF Components and Devices JAB Electronics
Homebrew Radio Kits
PG4I Unix X-Windows Xlog program
Radio Shack DX-394 Reciever Article
AKD HF3 Target Reciever Review
The Hard-Core DX Site HF Intelligence
The Mini Whip Antenna PA0RDT
Monitoring Times magazine
Stockport Radio Society G6UQ G8SRS
Manchester Wireless Society G5MS
U.K.F.M.G.W. North West Repeater Group
U.K. Repeater Details
R.S.G.B. National Website
Radio Communications Foundation
British Amateur Television Club
Amateur Radio General Resource
Massive collection of resources and links
Amateur Radio Satellites AMSAT U.K.
International Morse Preservation Society
Software Defined Radio Tutorial
Radio Manuals and Codeplugs
U.K. Government Licensing Authority Ofcom

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